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Celebrating 7 Years of Nood Co

From its inception, Nood Co was more than just a business—it was a vision to transform the traditionally masculine, robust material of concrete into something that exudes softness, femininity, and ethereal beauty. 


First Nood Co Photoshoot (2016) featuring the original Nood range of products.


First Nood Co Photoshoot (2016) featuring founders Matt, Chris and Kim.

Our range of concrete basins and bathtubs, crafted with meticulous attention to detail right here in Australia, embodies this vision. 7 years of business has led us to 85+ designs (and counting), 21 colours, and 17 staff members across Australia. Each Nood Co product is a testament to the duality of form and function, where the raw strength of concrete meets the refined, minimal design.


Founder Chris, walking through Nood Co warehouse.


Matt at the Nood Co display in The Block Shop.

The Story


Founders Chris (left) and Matt (right) at promotional event.

Founded in 2017 by Matt Di Costa and Chris Walker, the forming of Nood Co was an accidental one. Derived from a designer and a maker, Nood first came about when a design project landed on their doorstep.


The first Nood Co headquarters - featuring a display of basins.


The brief was to blend feminine Parisian interior with masculine concrete. To do so required Matt and Chris to collaborate on a robust concrete mix that allowed for various design applications. Resulting in a designer range of basins, which have since taken the market by storm.


First trade show that Nood Co was a part of.



Fast forward seven years, and Nood Co has grown from a duo in a garage to a team of 17, leading the industry in Australia. Our journey has been marked by a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what concrete can achieve.


Nood Co award winning stall design from The Design Show 2022.


Conscious range by Nood Co, featuring the perfectly imperfect Mill, Cast and Slip basins.


By displaying restraint and allowing form, materiality, and colour to synergise, we create pieces that are playful, disproportionate, yet harmoniously balanced. This approach has led to products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also enduring in quality.


Nood Co colour palette - 21 colours.


What’s next for Nood


Co Founder Chris Walker in Nood Co Warehouse

This year saw the launch of Juno, the most robust concrete tub the market has to offer. As to what’s next, we’re going back to our roots. 


Juno bathtub in Morning Mist

“Nood started out as a design company and we’d like to go back to that. Basins have always been our bread and butter so it’s been fun to venture out into different ideas and concrete applications” Matt Di Costa, Co-Founder


Nood Co Team Photo

Our team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what concrete can achieve. We can't wait to show you what 2024 will bring.