Elevate Your Bathroom with the Curvy and Compact Loop Basin

The Loop basin,  a curvier rendition of our well-loved Shelf collection, is one of the latest designs to join our catalogue. The Loop basin comes in two compact sizes: Loop 01 and Loop 02, perfect for any space.


In the Studio xOx showroom, Loop 01 in Custard is showcased, beautifully paired with matte white tapware. This elegant setup is enhanced by the backdrop of white rendered walls, reminiscent of a Mediterranean look and feel.



Ember Bathhouse in Perth features our Loop 01 basin in the colour Nood. This basin is paired with earthy subway tiles, a deep paint colour, and brass tapware, creating a moody and atmospheric space.


Haaus Design incorporated our Loop 02 basin in Nood in their recent build, HAAUS.5. The basin is surrounded by venetian plastered walls, a framed mirror, and brass tapware.



The Loop collection is available in both surface and wall mount options, catering to a variety of design preferences. With the full range of Nood Co colours available, you can customise your Loop basin to perfectly match your vision.



Loop 02 in Olive.