Project Features

Rediscovering Wellness: Perth’s Premium Bathhouse Experience

In an era dominated by digital distractions and breakneck pace, the call to ground oneself and return to nature has never been stronger. Ember Bathhouse in Perth, an architectural marvel tucked away in Osborne Park, answers that call with grace and sensitivity. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by the esteemed designer Studio Traces and expertly constructed by Powell, the bathhouse not only meets but truly exceeds the envisioned brief.


Organic Serenity in the Heart of Perth


At the heart of this oasis lies the Nood Co Conscious Mill Basins and Loop Basin both in the colour ‘Nood’, seamlessly integrated into the space. These basins, emblematic of the organic philosophy that underscores Ember, are a manifestation of man's yearning to be one with nature. Their organic design aligns harmoniously with the bathhouse's theme, echoing the warm, neutral palette of the interiors, providing a soft yet impactful touch that screams luxury without sacrificing authenticity.


Spacious interior of Ember Bathhouse featuring the organic design of the Conscious Mill Basin


Detail shot of the Conscious Mill Basin in Nood, highlighting its organic texture and elegant design


A Step Back in Time


Delving into the annals of history, bathhouses have always been spaces where the community unites, not just for a cleansing of the body but also the spirit. Ember Bathhouse takes the bather on a sensorial adventure, an odyssey that taps into ancient wellness traditions from Moroccan hammams, Japanese onsens, Finnish saunas, to Korean jimjilbangs.


Japanese onsen-inspired showers at Ember Bathhouse, featuring wooden stools and buckets, set against serene, earth-toned tiles, emphasizing the bathhouse's blend of traditional and modern design elements. 


What truly sets Ember Bathhouse apart is its commitment to inclusivity, welcoming everyone into its embrace. In an era where so many spaces remain partitioned and exclusive, this emphasis on communal wellness is both refreshing and essential.


Beyond the Physical


For founders Sam Rodarte and Ryan Congdon, Ember isn't just a bathhouse. It's a tribute to the global traditions they've experienced and a conscious effort to bring forth the benefits of hot and cold therapies to Australia. But above all, it’s about the soul. As Sam puts it, it's a realm where "mind-body bond" reigns supreme, a sanctuary for the present moment.


Tiled sauna room at Ember Bathhouse, echoing the aesthetics of a traditional Moroccan hammam with warm, intricately designed tiles creating an ambiance of relaxation and warmth.


A Sanctuary Designed to Enchant


The design studio Traces, along with builders Powell, have turned Ember Bathhouse into a masterpiece. Its interiors, painted in earthy hues, combined with organic textures and verdant greenery, are more than just aesthetically pleasing. They're therapeutic. The gold accents, the ambient lighting, and the large statement rocks are not mere adornments but play a vital role in the holistic experience, ensuring a sense of serenity and intimacy, with no more than eight guests sharing this exquisite space.


Guests immersing themselves in the tranquil environment of Ember Bathhouse


In Conclusion


Ember Bathhouse isn't just a place. It's an experience, a journey, and a much-needed escape from the monotony of the daily grind. With its thoughtful design, an homage to global bathing traditions, and the luxurious yet organic Conscious basins, it beckons one and all to indulge, refresh, and reconnect. Embrace wellness, rediscover inner peace, and be present – only at Ember Bathhouse.


Close-up view of the Loop Basin in Nood, displaying its organic contours and elegant design, exemplifying Ember Bathhouse's commitment to luxury and nature-inspired aesthetics.


To join this sanctuary, Ember Bathhouse is now open at 4 Donovan Street in Osborne Park, with exclusive foundation memberships available for the discerning few. Don’t miss out on Perth's finest wellness destination.