The Cross Project: A Mediterranean Haven with a Touch of the Contemporary

In the heart of Cronulla, LOWI Interiors and Avenue Studios Architects reveal The Cross Project, which marries contemporary architecture with a Mediterranean style. The project encapsulates a Modern Australian coastal lifestyle, whilst taking inspiration from the Mediterranean, with the brief being to capture the very essence of travelling.


“Our clients have very fond memories of travelling through the Mediterranean and really wanted to capture the essence of their holidays,” Loretta Wilson, LOWI Interiors

At the core of The Cross Project lies a commitment to capturing the quintessential elements of traditional Cycladic architecture, renowned for its simplicity, organic shapes, and fluidity. The home's interior is characterised by its neutral tones, organic shapes, and modern finishes, echoing the tranquil beauty of the Mediterranean.


The neutral colour palette flows throughout the home, with organic rendered walls reminiscent of traditional plaster techniques. This continues into the ensuite, where a Nood Co Freestanding Bowl Cylinder in Blush Pink compliments the palette.


Designed to celebrate leisure and withstand the harsh Australian sun, this outdoor cabana is the perfect embodiment of the project's aim to blend Cycladic architecture with the Australian coastal lifestyle. It's a space where the Crossling family can unwind and create lasting memories, surrounded by the gentle curves and textural finishes that define their home.