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UHP Concrete

Nood Co Concrete is different to any other on the market. Our concrete is comprised of 8 admixes and grades of cement and fine sand and possesses incredibly high strength. The concrete is filled with 13mm fibreglass fibres to provide the correct reinforcement.

Mold Making

Each piece is designed and handmade in-house by our team, and hence when you buy Nood Co you are purchasing a unique piece. The mold is hand-crafted from plaster or plastics materials, sometimes with a CNC machine, sometimes by hand and always with care and precision. Once the master piece is created, we then create high quality silicon molds of the piece to enable our making process.


Nood Co Concrete is pigmented with the highest quality chemical free liquid tints. This ensures that the concrete is coloured all the way through and hence when pouring concrete into molds, the mix is a pure colour that is poured. There is no painting or addition of colour after pour.

Pouring and Resting

The product is carefully mixed then poured into the mold. It sits over night. Once removed the product then rests for 24 hours in a controlled environment to gain its maximum MPA.

Grinding and Washing

The piece is then washed and ground to the correct smoothness. This is a careful process that ensures the continuity and colour quality required for volume jobs, for a finish superior to any other concrete offering.


This is a critical step. Nood Co Concrete contains an admix, which creates incredible water tolerance. The concrete is then sealed 3-4 times over a 9 hour time frame, with sealer soaking into the concrete and deep filling the pores. The sealer is applied in a way that isn’t topical, and hence there is no sealer to de-laminate, flake or sheet off in time.


An additional step Nood have added is the waxing process. Nood applies Carnauba Wax to the surface post-seal. Each piece sent out has been pre-waxed, and is also delivered with a tin of wax. Our website has an application video for this wax, and it is a very simple process. The wax has been tested by Nood extensively and helps keep the basin surface nice and shiny.