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Project Features

Timeless Design in a refurbished Avant Garde Hotel

We were so amazed by this beautiful refurbishment at Hotel Le Garage Biarritz recently featuring our Nood co basins that we had to share it with you.  

Project Features

It's all in the details. Why less is sometimes more...

We recently caught up with the team at Fitzwater Interiors in Philadelphia who were responsible for this uniquely clever minimalist bathroom renovation for their client - Tom Cladeck.  Cladeck had tasked them with revamping the under-27-square-foot main bathroom in his home.

Project Features

23 Layers - New York, NY.

23 Layers - New York, NY.   An elegant terrazzo inspired project from the city that never sleeps.

Project Features

Almost Perfect - Los Angeles, CA

LA based designer Molly Madfis puts on a clinic for Boho bathroom design.

Project Features

Hive LA Home - Los Angeles, CA

Premium west coast design looks likes this. We step into a Hive LA Home bathroom masterpiece.

Project Features

Maison.HoneyBrie - San Diego, CA.

Join us as we explore this stunning bathroom space. An exercise in clever selections and careful restraint.