nood co.

An Accidental Story

Founded in 2017 by Matt Di Costa and Chris Walker, the forming of Nood Co was an accidental one. Derived from a designer and a maker, Nood first came about when a design project landed on their doorstep. The brief was to blend feminine Parisian interior with masculine concrete. To do so required Matt and Chris to collaborate on a robust concrete mix that allowed for various design applications. Resulting in a designer range of basins, which have since taken the market by storm.

Seven years later, Nood is an industry leader in concrete basins and bathtubs. With what once started as two friends in a garage, now spans a team of 17 Australia-wide.

Nood Co is a design and manufacturing company, producing industry-leading concrete basins and bathtubs right here in Australia. With a taste for restraint, Nood Co aims to explore one of the most tried and tested building materials, concrete. The goal with every Nood Co product is to find duality in form and function. Taking a traditionally masculine material and reworking it into a soft and feminine design.

The resulting range are pieces which feel ethereal, curved and refined. Considered designs, available in 21 colours, paired back to their Nood state.

Made to Order

Every Nood Co bath and basin is made-to-order meaning that we do not accept change of mind returns. Please make sure to check item specifications and refer to colour samples prior to placing your order.

Natural Material

Our UHPC blend not only boasts a significantly increased MPA (Megapascal) value, ensuring it can withstand higher loads and stresses than conventional concrete mixes.

A solid colouring system

Nood products are uniquely pigmented throughout their entire structure, a testament to our advanced colouring process that guarantees a uniform hue and patina.

Colour consistency and volume

Nood has developed a manufacture process that ensures a volume order will have an unbeatable consistency in colour and patina, removing the issue of concrete and its random nature. So what you sell to your client, is what appears at their doorstep.

Consciously Made


From prototyping through to delivery, each step in the manufacturing process has been modified with a sustainable view. Over 85% of Nood Co’s concrete composition and packaging material is sourced from within Australia, including the finest sand grades and natural admixes, right through to recycled cardboard packaging.

Embodied Energy

Nood Co has created a unique blend of ultra high performance concrete that uses around 96% less energy than that to create its ceramic equal. A groundbreaking statistic.


How do we get these pieces safely sent all over the world ? We developed our own recycled packaging system to ensure safe, manageable and best of all affordable delivery.

Eliminating Waste

Nood Co takes sustainability seriously, boasting a remarkable 95% pass-through rate for its concrete products. Our commitment to the environment ensures that less than 5% of waste is produced, with the remainder being fully recycled through a closed-loop system at a local facility.

Real World Function

Integrated Sealant

Our basins are unique in they have several admixes that give the basins an incredible water tolerance. Nood basins are sealed with a unique penetrative sealer that ensures they will not delaminate in time, and never need resealing.


Despite their enhanced strength, our blends are crafted to weigh less than traditional concrete. Nood basins weigh between 10kg / 20 pounds and 17kg / 34 pounds - around 30% less than their ceramic counterparts.

Installation and Maintenance

Simple, simple simple. Nood have videos on this entire process. It is as easy as a ceramic basin.

Industry Leading Warranty

As a testament to our confidence in their longevity and performance, we offer an unrivalled warranty on our concrete products. Customers can feel confident with a product that not only looks pretty, but is built to last.


Feminised Concrete

We took a common building material and added curve, colour, proportion and care to create a range of considered pieces that are suitable for any design environment or style, expanding concrete into the real world.


We have created a manufacture process that is systemised but still allowed a handmade process, to ensure results are beautiful every time. A human touch is everything with Nood.

With 7-years experience under our belt, and customers all around the globe (42 countries and counting), Nood Co continues to grow.

A new consciousness in concrete is here.