Commercial Projects

BaShun by Tom Mark Henry Studios

At the heart of BaShan's design philosophy is a celebration of tradition. The interiors of the noodle bar are inspired by the wooden frameworks that define traditional Chongqing architecture. Designed by the team at Tom Mark Henry Studio and featured our Luna Freestanding Basin in Clay.



One of the most striking features of BaShan is its water station, a bold piece of design that captures the eye and the imagination. With its exaggerated tap, the water station is not only a practical element but a source of wonder, emphasizing the joy and novelty BaShan finds in the ordinary. The station's use of red celebrates the traditional colour of celebration, bringing a splash of vibrancy and energy to the dining experience.



BaShan's commitment to authenticity extends to its floor, inspired by the slate cobblestone streets of Chongqing. This design choice is more than aesthetic; it's a bridge to the streets where Sichuan cuisine thrives, inviting diners to experience the grounded, earthy essence of street-style food. The lighting fixtures in BaShan follow this theme, offering a contemporary twist on traditional street lanterns. These lights, with their subtle nods to the past, illuminate the space in a warm, welcoming glow, enhancing the dining experience by blending the old with the new.



Perhaps the most poignant homage to tradition is seen in the design of the linear timber counter, with reeded glazing that mirrors the meticulous process of noodle making. The counter, alongside the uniquely designed benches with playfully elongated arms and backrests, evokes the curving geometry of noodles.


Captured by Andrew Worssam.