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Elevating Commercial Design: Abbot Kinney's Blend of Fluted Brick and Premium Concrete Basins

The Abbot Kinney project, situated in the heart of Venice, California, is a blend of minimalistic design with a touch of the avant-garde. Bittoni Architects and designer carbon & bone envisioned a space that mirrors the vibrancy of the surrounding Venice Beach community while ensuring serenity and calmness within its confines.


Spacious bathroom showcasing a blush pink Shelf Oval Wall Hung basin against a backdrop of red brick walls, complemented by a terrazzo floor and sleek black tapware.


At the heart of this design journey lies the bathroom, a sanctuary of relaxation. The fluted brick walls that stand tall outside, find their way into the bathrooms, creating a seamless transition from the exterior to the interior spaces. This design choice not only echoes the aesthetics of the building but also instills a unique character into these intimate spaces.


Modern bathroom with a standout blush pink Shelf Oval Wall Hung basin, set against red brick walls, anchored by a terrazzo floor, and accented with contemporary black tapware.

Incorporated within this bathroom design are the Nood Co Concrete Shelf Oval Wall Hung basins in two distinct shades: Blush Pink and Musk. These basins, with their contemporary shape and earthy tones, perfectly compliment the fluted brickwork. They act as a focal point, drawing attention to their refined elegance amidst the rawness of the brick.


Elegant Musk Shelf Oval basin in a deep hue, juxtaposed against a pristine white brick wall, enhanced by modern black tapware.


When it comes to design, it's all about creating a story. The Shelf Oval Wall Hung basins do just that. They tell a tale of luxury, of thoughtfulness in design, and of a seamless blend of form and function.


Chic Musk Shelf Oval basin in rich tones, set against a crisp white brick backdrop, accented with sleek black tapware.

For any tech, startup, or creative office tenant, a bathroom space can often be an overlooked component. However, in the Abbot Kinney project, it becomes a testament to the finesse and attention to detail that has gone into every corner of the building. It's a place where one can retreat, refresh, and rejuvenate before diving back into the hustle and bustle of work. With the inclusion of the Shelf Oval Wall Hung basins, this bathroom truly becomes an epitome of luxury and style in the heart of Venice.