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Hoop vs Bowl | The Difference between Nood Co's Best-Selling Basin Styles

Our range of basins has two particular designs which have posed the question of ‘What’s the difference?’. While both Hoop and Bowl feature a round design and similar style, the key difference lies in the edge of the basins.


Image featuring Hoop and Bowl basins in Ivory with Hoop being on the left and Bowl being on the right, showing the basin profiles.

The Hoop Basin features a sleek, round design complemented by an elegantly squared edge, embodying a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic. We have seen Hoop featured in more contemporary or modern spaces. 

Hoop Basin in Ivory

Georgia does Design MJ Harris Group Hoop Sky Grey

The Bowl Basin is beautifully curved, with a smooth rounded edge profile offering a softer look. We have seen Bowl featured in more organic, Mediterranean and feminine spaces.

Bowl Basin Ivory
Bungalow on Seventh showcasing two Bowl basins in Ivory


Both styles are modular, and are offered as a Surface Mount, Wall Mount, Basin Stand and Freestanding Cylinder option. Available in a palette of 21 colours to suit a wide range of palettes and designs.

Choosing between the Hoop and Bowl basins ultimately comes down to personal preference. Whether you lean towards the sleek, elegant lines of the Hoop or the comforting curves of the Bowl, Nood Co ensures that your choice is backed by unparalleled quality, versatility, and a spectrum of colours to breathe life into your project.