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Inside Indie Spa's Unique Colourful Revival at Sunnymead Hotel

Nestled along the scenic Great Ocean Road, Indie Spa at Sunnymead Hotel is redefining the spa experience. With its unique blend of mid-century aesthetics and contemporary design, the spa, conceptualised by Interior Design & Architecture studio Cera Stribley, stands as a testament to innovative wellness spaces.


Curved reception desk at Indie Spa, adorned with vibrant green tiles, creating a welcoming focal point in the spa's entrance area.

“Throughout the specification process, particular consideration was given to products and materials sourced from local suppliers with reputations for sustainable manufacturing.” - Cera Stribley


Reception area at Indie Spa showcasing a warm palette of burnt orange and mustard hues, complemented by a plush, curved couch, a vibrantly colored ceiling, and unique, imperfectly rounded wall niches.


Indie Spa is an interpretation of the mid-century style, inspired by retro influences and a Palm Springs aesthetic. The team at Cera Stribley threw away the rule book and went to town with a vibrant colour palette and playful forms to follow their clients brief of bringing a sense of fun and whimsy to the project.


Bathtubs elegantly positioned in an atrium, surrounded by meticulous square tile detailing.


“One thing we wanted to avoid when designing Indie Spa, was your stereotypical, white-on-white spa environment. By way of introducing organic shapes and playful colour combinations, we created an invigorating wellness space that looks and feels delightfully different.⁠” - Cera Stribley


Alternate view of the bathtubs, featuring a bright yellow floor and a contrasting orange ceiling, enhancing the vibrant ambiance.


The goal was to create a destination rather than a ‘stop-over’ as co-owner Damien Cerantonio puts it. That meant steering clear of typical wellness design which often looks to a minimalist approach. The team at Cera Stribley approached Nood Co when it came to basins, looking to compliment the 70s-esque colour palette with complimentary basins.


Interior design featuring two types of tiles: orange subway tiles alongside white square tiles accented with orange grout, all set above yellow polished concrete floors for a cohesive, vibrant look.


“Burnt oranges and mustard yellows juxtaposed by eucalypt greens and powdery blues injects a sense of energy and excitement to the space.” - Cera Stribley


Bathroom showcasing a custom Nood Co Tubb in 'Sunny Yellow,' set against a backdrop of white square tiles with orange grout. The space is further defined by an orange ceiling, yellow floor, and a bespoke wall-to-wall concrete vanity, creating a harmoniously vibrant aesthetic.

Each room is injected with colour, playful forms and layered materiality which adds to a sense of nostalgia. With its 1950s inspired design, the Tubb basin fits right into each colour filled space. A highlight of the project was the custom colour collaboration between Nood Co x Cera Stribley to create ‘Sunny Yellow’ - a rich mustard yellow that perfectly fit in with the design typology of the project.


Tubb in Sunny Yellow by Nood Co takes center stage in a monochrome bathroom, complemented by yellow cabinetry and matching yellow tiles, creating a seamless and uplifting color scheme.

‘Sunny Yellow’ joins the portfolio of custom colours that Nood Co has created in collaboration with Architects and Designers over the years. 


Front view of the bathroom, showcasing an organically shaped mirror and brass tapware by Sussex Taps, harmonizing with the Sunny Yellow theme for a refined and cohesive look.


Wide shot capturing the entirety of the space, revealing the Sunny Yellow Tubb by Nood Co, yellow cabinetry, and tiles, accented by an organic-shaped mirror and Sussex Taps brass tapware, presenting a unified and vibrant bathroom design

“Colour is our brand DNA. We recognise how important it is to get the right hue - especially when working with bold colour palettes. It was a pleasure to work with the Cera Stribley team to find their perfect shade of yellow.” - Matt Di Costa, Nood Co Co-Founder


Tubb in Pastel Peach set against a backdrop of orange handmade Spanish subway tiles, complemented by Sussex Taps tapware in brass, custom orange curved cabinetry, and an organic-shaped mirror, creating a warm and inviting bathroom ambiance.


Front view showcasing the Pastel Peach Tubb by Nood Co, enriched by the texture of orange handmade Spanish subway tiles, alongside brass Sussex Taps tapware, custom-designed orange curved cabinetry, and an organically shaped mirror, perfectly blending warmth with elegance.


Another perspective of the bathroom, highlighting the Pastel Peach Tubb and orange cabinetry, with the warm glow of a wall sconce turned on, casting a soft light that accentuates the handcrafted Spanish subway tiles and the organic contours of the mirror.


Tubb in Pastel Peach elegantly complements the backdrop of handmade Burnt Orange tiles, set off by contrasting white grout, brass tapware, and curved wall-to-wall cabinetry.


Powder blue bathroom, elegantly appointed with a Tubb in Powder Blue, complemented by curved custom cabinetry in a similar shade, an organic-shaped mirror, and sophisticated brass tapware, all harmonizing to create a serene and stylish space.


Alternate angle of the powder blue bathroom, showcasing the Tubb in Powder Blue as a focal point, with its surrounding elements of curved blue cabinetry, the organic mirror, and brass tapware, all contributing to the room's tranquil and cohesive aesthetic.

Tubb in Powder Blue creates a captivating monochrome moment, set against a backdrop of soft blue cabinetry and matching finger mosaic tiles.


Front view of the spa, prominently featuring a custom yellow arch door, creating an inviting and distinctive entrance that embodies the spa's vibrant and unique design ethos.


Indie Spa is a bold statement on the future of wellness environments. By seamlessly blending vibrant hues, playful shapes, and sustainable practices, it transcends traditional spa design, inviting visitors into a realm where wellness meets whimsy. The team behind Indie Spa has created more than a place for relaxation—they've created a wellness space that resonates with the soul, proving that the future of spa design is bright, bold, and breathtakingly beautiful.


Closer view of the reception desk, showcasing its vibrant green tiles and custom concrete benchtop, elegantly decorated with native Australian flowers, adding a touch of natural beauty to the welcoming area.

Indie Spa was shortlisted for the 2023 INDE.Awards in the Health & Wellbeing Space category and not one, but two, categories in the 2023 Australian Beauty Industry Awards - ‘Best Salon Design’ (winner) and ‘Best Newcomer Spa’ (shortlisted).

Photography by Damien Kook