Project Features

Sustainable Living: Introducing the Boutique-Hotel Inspired Good Day House.

In the picturesque coastal town of Torquay, Victoria, a dream unfolds as Alexander and Imogen Roberts, affectionately known as Al and Imo, embark on a journey to create their dream home. With Al's expertise in carpentry and a minimalist yet functional style, coupled with Imo's design background and passion for storytelling, they founded a furniture business dedicated to sustainability. This venture reflects their philosophy: "Good Design for Good People," focusing on crafting only what is needed and fostering sustainable living among their clientele.


Al and Imo at The Good Day House

Their project, The Good Day House, aimed to exceed Victoria's new 7-star energy efficiency standards, aspiring for a 7.5-star rating to ensure a comfortable, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly living space. This initiative aligns with the National Construction Code of Australia 2022, marking a significant step toward a greener future.



The couple's vision for their primary bedroom and ensuite was inspired by the elegance and creativity of boutique hotels around the world. Seeking to replicate the warmth, texture, and colour found in these unique accommodations, they embarked on designing a space that blends various materials to craft an environment filled with creativity and inspiration.


The primary bedroom walls and ceiling are adorned with "Close Your Eyes" by Tint Paint, a lox tox, rich rusty clay pink hue, evoking a sense of warmth and comfort. This theme extends into the ensuite, featuring a Vesl Rectangle concrete basin by Nood Co in "Musk," complemented by Tasmanian Oak TouchWood Timber panelling for the headboard and wardrobe doors, and a custom-made solid Tasmanian oak timber bathroom vanity.




Attention to detail is evident in the choice of door hardware and tapware, with brushed brass by Hardware Box and Australian-made "Raw Brushed Brass" by Faucet Strommen, which will beautifully patina over time. To enhance the room's comfort, Ivory sheers by Champion Blinds, mounted on black tracks on the ceiling, are paired with motorised block-out blinds, operated via Somfy smart-home technologies to synchronise with their daily routines.


In the ensuite, the Nood Co Shelf 02 Surface Mount Basin in Pastel Peach is the centrepiece, its subtle elegance and refined colour infusing the space with a gentle, inviting ambiance. This basin, paired with the same brushed brass fixtures and “Raw Brushed Brass” tapware from Faucet Strommen as found in the primary bathroom, ensures a cohesive aesthetic throughout the home.


The importance of insulation was a key lesson learned during the project. Despite its lack of glamour, proper insulation has transformed their living experience, making their home exceptionally comfortable and quiet. Upgraded insulation throughout the house, including Sound Shield by Earthwool Insulation, has been a game-changer.



The design is complemented by the Paloma homewares collection by Sage x Clare, reinforcing the couple's aim to create a home that not only reflects their sustainable and aesthetic values but also offers a serene and inspiring retreat.


From planning to execution, Al and Imo's journey encapsulates a commitment to design, sustainability, and the creation of a home that is both beautiful and environmentally conscious.


Photography by Imogen Roberts.