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Tom's Tiny Bathroom: A Small Space with Big Impact

Philadelphia based Fitzwater Interiors are behind  'Tom's Tiny Bathroom'. Tasked with transforming an under-27-square-foot main bathroom, they managed to create a space that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The design was influenced by the client's appreciation for Japandi and minimalist interiors, making it a perfect match for both Tom's taste and the bathroom's spatial constraints.



The renovation adheres to a minimalist theme with a black and white color scheme, ensuring every item has its place without touching the floor to maximize space. Jenna Yankun McRorie, the Creative Director at Fitzwater Interiors, emphasized the importance of a minimalist, calming, organized, and functional space. 



“We needed to be really intentional about the layout and design. Working with a great client like Tom, who was already a fan of Japandi and minimalist interiors, made for a great partnership because his interests and the needs of the space aligned perfectly.” - Jenna Yankun McRorie, Creative Director Fitzwater Interiors 

Despite its small size, the bathroom was redesigned with elements typically seen in commercial design. By embedding as much functionality into the walls as possible and choosing wall-mounted fixtures, the team was able to make efficient use of every inch of space. 



“Tom’s South Philly bathroom isn’t the smallest we’ve seen, but the layout was so ill-thought out that it gave us (and Tom) some serious airplane bathroom vibes. To make the space feel less claustrophobic, we did something we usually see in commercial spaces—we designed as much as we could in the walls.” - Jenna Yankun McRorie, Creative Director Fitzwater Interiors 


The space constraints meant that every detail needed to be intentional. The team utilized a finger mosaic from floor to ceiling to elongate the space. To add some contrast and depth they used the tile colors to split the room in half, with white at the top for an airy and open feel and black at the bottom to create a sense of vastness. They further maximized the floorplan by changing the sink placement and moving all plumbing inside the wall.


“Tom had his heart set on a concrete sink basin from Nood, which we selected in a neutral tone and also mounted to the wall.” - Jenna Yankun McRorie, Creative Director Fitzwater Interiors 


The Nood Co wall-mounted concrete Funl Basin in Powder Blue serves as a centerpiece in the room. “We chose the size because it fit the small space, its circular shape and how it contrasted with the tiles while giving a subtle pop of color” Jenna says.



 'Tom's Tiny Bathroom' stands as a testament to the power of minimalist design in overcoming spatial challenges and enhancing the overall functionality and aesthetics of a home.

For more details on this renovation, visit Fitzwater Interiors and Domino.


Photographed by Dan Doran.