Project Features

Belleview House: A Luxe Style Co Design Renovation

Luxe Style Co Design has revealed their most recent project, Belleview House. This extensive renovation took place over four months, and included a complete interior overhaul through reconfiguring the entire floor plan. The updated design features an earthy palette with a handmade, Mediterranean influence throughout.



The renovation emphasises a combination of materials that enhance both the flow and warmth of the space. Beaumont Tiles and Ceramica Tile Design provided the richly textured and tiles that complement the overall aesthetic. 





The bathrooms feature basins by Nood Co, including the Prism Circle Basin in ‘Olive’ for the ensuite and the Slip Basin in 'Nood' for the primary ensuite. 



“It’s all about a feeling you create in a home, we try to bring this to all our projects.” - Kirsty Worthy, Interior Designer




Both are set against timber curved vanities, adding a touch of warmth to the space. The lighting fixtures from Uniqwa Collections and Beacon Lighting were selected to highlight the new interior features and enhance the ambiance.



Cabinetry by De Lux Kitchens features Polytec’s Sussex door profiles, and Marbella Stone tops from Stone Ambassador bring a luxurious feel throughout the house. The design team has also incorporated specific elements like a curved, custom island in the kitchen, clad in travertine flutes with stone subway tiles lining the walls. 



The stone tiles continue into the living area, complementing a custom fireplace. Archways and curves are a recurring theme, lending a fluid architectural grace to the property.




This renovation by Luxe Style Co Design showcases how thoughtful design paired with high-quality materials can transform a house into a bespoke home that is both stylish and functional. Belleview House now stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of Mediterranean-inspired interiors.


Photographed by Clique Creative.