Embracing Every Shade of Grey by Nood Co

In the realm of interior design, the question often arises: Is grey welcome in the bathroom? Our resounding answer: Absolutely. Our range of stunning grey shades; Charcoal, Sky Grey, Mid Tone Grey and our most recent addition, Cloud, echo this sentiment.


Trough Vanity Set in Sky Grey by Protea Styling. Photographed by Nicole Reed Photography.



Bunker House by Future Flip featuring Bowl Basin in Charcoal. Photographed by The Palm Co.


To showcase the endless possibilities of our achromatic grey hues, we've curated a collection of our favourite bathroom designs featuring our palette of greys.



Prism Cylinder in Mid Tone Grey by Beith Building & Developments, supplied by Builders World Store.



Grange Road featuring Hoop Basin in Sky Grey by Georgia does Design and M.J. Harris Group. Photographed by J Harri.


These achromatic colours offer unparalleled versatility in the bathroom, making them a dream to work with.



Albert Park Terrace featuring Pill Basin in Charcoal by Luke Fry Architecture. Photographed by Timothy Kaye.



Downtown Project featuring Hoop in Sky Grey by Trauner Fay Designs.

Grey tones are revered for their ability to instil a sense of calmness while exuding an undeniable elegance, balance, and harmony within a space.



Vivaldi Project featuring Shelf 01 in Mid Tone Grey by Jess O'Shea Designs and Blend Residential Designs. Photographed by Peter Ellery Photography.



 Grange Road featuring Pill Basin in Sky Grey by Georgia does Design and M.J. Harris Group. Photographed by J Harri.


Whether you're aiming for a classic or contemporary bathroom aesthetic, these natural shades of grey seamlessly integrate into any design scheme, adding a timeless allure that never goes out of style.



Pill in Charcoal by Studio xOx and Amalfi Tiles.



Mount Hawthorn Project featuring Bowl in Mid Tone Grey by 13 Interiors. 



Cosmopolitan Home featuring Pill basin in Charcoal by Eat Bathe Live Interiors and HEBDEN. Photographed by Dylan James Photography.

Pairing grey hues with soft pastels like pale blue, mint green, or blush pink can evoke a soothing and harmonious atmosphere, perfect for fostering relaxation and tranquillity. For those looking for a more coastal look and feel, consider incorporating blues and beige alongside grey tones. 



Pepe Nero Project featuring Bowl in Charcoal by Giulia Nozzoli Designs. Captured by Carlotta Ongarato.



Hôtel Le Garage Biarritz featuring Stepp Circle in Mid Tone Grey, by Les Architectes Anonymes.

Feeling adventurous? Embrace the vibrant energy of yellow to infuse your bathroom with a lively burst of colour.



Juno Bathtub in Mid Tone Grey by Beith Building & Developments, supplied by Builders World Store.



Miette Boutique Accommodation featuring Box Basin in Charcoal by Sunjoule Design and Yack Constructions. Photographed by Rebecca Haycraft.



Pill in Charcoal by Studio xOx.

Ready to embark on your bathroom design journey? Discover the timeless elegance and versatility of our grey hues online or at your local bathware specialist. With our range of grey tones, creating your dream bathroom has never been easier or more stylish.

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