The Perfect Shade of Lilac by Nood Co

At Nood Co, we've carved our niche in the concrete world by introducing vibrant and adventurous colour palettes. Our latest addition, a subtle and timeless lilac shade, continues our tradition of pushing boundaries. According to Nood Co's Matt Di Costa, “Lilac is cool. It has a connection to nature, to the material world, and it plays in this interesting gender space. It’s hard to place. It’s warm in one way, cool in another. It sits beautifully with ivories, greys and timbers so I can see designers having fun with this one,”


A lilac-colored cylinder with a matching lilac basin on top, surrounded by a scattering of lilac-coloured bubbles, creating a whimsical and visually pleasing composition.


The Nood team are masters of surprise, and lilac was brought to life through a crowd-based competition they ran on social media. And why leave such a key decision to the people? “A lot of people asked for lilac so we decided to go with that. It’s on trend and I think it’s good to listen to the people and tap into what they want,” adds Matt. And we’d have to agree. Lilac is soft and feminine, yet has a versatile practicality to it. We can just picture it complementing all sorts of interior spaces with the most delicate and understated use of the pretty colour.


Close-up view of a lilac-colored basin with water gently flowing inside, reflecting a tranquil and serene atmosphere.


With hundreds of different shades to go off, the Nood team knew the right colour was paramount to the success of the launch. “It took a lot of iterations to make sure we got the right one. That goes purely on feel, we sit with lots of concrete samples and slowly work through it. And then one day you go, that’s it. That’s the one.”


Side-by-side arrangement of a lilac pill-shaped basin and a lilac bowl-shaped basin, showcasing their elegant lilac hues and distinct shapes for modern interior design inspiration.


A lilac-colored concrete sample displaying the "Nood Co" logo and the word "Lilac" on its surface, providing a visual representation of the exquisite lilac shade offered by Nood Co.


Lilac, with its soft and feminine charm, also brings practical versatility to the table, making it a fitting choice for a variety of interior spaces where it can be used subtly and tastefully.