Project Features

Giulia Nozzoli's Pepe Nero: Transforming Perth Hills Ensuite into a Moody Luxury Retreat

Nestled in the lush backdrop of Perth Hills, Western Australia, designer Giulia Nozzoli Design introduces her most recent project, Pepe Nero. The curated primary ensuite exudes a sense of cosy luxury, by layering different materials such as timber, stone and concrete basins by Nood Co. Giulia took on the challenge to transform the once small and dated bathroom that was no longer functional, and bring it to a moody, contemporary space with a bespoke hotel feel. 


Vanity area in the Pepe Nero project, designed by Giulia Nozzoli, featuring a Charcoal Bowl basin by Nood Co on a natural stone countertop. The design is highlighted by atmospheric wall lights and tasteful decor, creating a serene ambiance.

The essence of the Pepe Nero ensuite is its seamless marriage of beauty and utility. Giulia has masterfully integrated plenty of enclosed storage, keeping the space tidy and functional. Hidden power points, a large mirror, and glass elements not only add depth but also underscore the room's practicality. The Polytec vanity, bathed in direct, quality lighting and furnished with easy-access drawers, epitomises Giulia's commitment to convenience without sacrificing style.


Front view of the wall-to-wall vanity in the Pepe Nero project by Giulia Nozzoli, showcasing dual Charcoal Bowl basins by Nood Co. The elegant setup is complemented by sleek tapware, emphasising the sophisticated and modern design of the space.

“We extended the vanity area and increased storage by seamlessly incorporating a full height enclosed cabinet and open shelves to the sides of the vanity - because we love an opportunity for a good vignette and to create a point of difference to a space.”


A view of the shower in the Pepe Nero project, designed by Giulia Nozzoli, featuring built-in niches for seamless storage. The design highlights practicality and elegance, enhancing the overall modern and sleek aesthetic of the bathroom."


What sets this project apart is Giulia's conscious decision to steer clear of the 'hotel vibe', often prevalent in luxury bathroom designs. Instead, she opts for a space that exudes a curated, intimate feel. Giulia believes in the power of design to transform daily routines into luxurious experiences—where the absence of clutter and the presence of carefully chosen accessories define real luxury.


Close-up view inside the Pepe Nero project's shower, showcasing the Phoenix Carbon tapware. The detail highlights the exquisite tile work, which complements the sleek and modern design of the bathroom, curated by Giulia Nozzoli.

Giulia infused the space with a sense of ambiance, embracing a darker colour scheme through Bowl basins in Charcoal, Brushed Carbon fittings, and deep grey tiles. To balance these darker elements, she introduced warm oak hues in the vanity and timber-look tiles in the shower, creating a space that balances bold design with a sense of relaxation.


Close-up view of the Charcoal Bowl basin by Nood Co in the Pepe Nero project, highlighting its elegant and modern design. The basin's sleek lines and refined finish are a testament to the meticulous design approach of Giulia Nozzoli.

“I just want to take a moment to appreciate the relaxing ambiance created for the master ensuite, and just really shed a light on how important it is to have a space in your home where you can truly feel at ease, unwind and recharge from the day to day life.”

We look forward to seeing the continued evolution of Pepe Nero, and how the remaining elements of this project come together to complete the vision.

Photography by Carlotta Ongarato.