Project Features

Mid-Century Meets Sub-Tropical: Reinventing the Paddington Residence

In the heart of Brisbane, Australia, a once-dilapidated two-bedroom cottage has undergone a dramatic transformation. Shortlisted for the Australian Interior Design Awards 2023 in the Residential Design category, this extensive build, known as the Paddington Project, stands as a testament to the innovative vision of CG Design Studio. Situated on a steeply sloping site, the home now presents a seamless blend of contemporary curves and mid-century lines, all while maintaining a classic cottage façade at its forefront.


CG Design Studio's Paddington Project featuring Pill Basin in Musk in Primary Ensuite.


Drawing inspiration from mid-century architecture and fueled by the client’s desire for a unique and detailed design, the team has crafted a space that is both functional and visually stunning. The use of robust materials such as concrete, brickwork, and bespoke timber elements, coupled with vibrant, colour-saturated spaces, creates a distinctive aesthetic that is both inviting and innovative.


CG Design Studio's Paddington Project featuring Stepp Circle Wall Hung in Copan Blue.


At the core of the Paddington Project is a desire to pay homage to mid-century design while infusing it with a contemporary aesthetic. This is evident in the thoughtful integration of built-in furniture and the selection of retro-inspired tiles that provide a playful yet cohesive colour palette throughout the home. These elements, along with the strategic use of windows to capture natural light and greenery, enhance the home’s connection to its sub-tropical setting.


CG Design Studio's Paddington Project featuring Prism Circle in Blush Pink.

Perhaps the most striking example of the project’s playful and unique approach to design is found within its bathrooms. Nood Co basins serve as the centrepiece in these spaces, where the bold use of colour contrasts beautifully against the home’s otherwise neutral palette. The Prism Circle basin sits beautifully in the pink powder room.

In just two and a half years, CG Design Studio has not only salvaged an "unliveable" cottage but also transformed it into a tropical, mid-century-inspired family home. The Paddington Project speaks to the power of creative design in overcoming architectural challenges, blending historical influences with modern needs, and crafting spaces that are truly reflective of the clients vision and personality.


Photography by Brock Beazley.