The Block

A big win for Kirsty and Jesse

A huge congratulations to Kirsty and Jesse for winning the hallway, laundry and powder room week. A well-deserved win and very unexpected after Kirsty and Jesse were away for a few days due to a tragic loss in their family.

They did surprise the judges by not only delivering high quality rooms but also a full bathroom (!) instead of a smaller powder room. Very impressive!



Under normal circumstances, needing to complete hallways, a laundry and possibly a powder room is so tough that Hallway Week is known as Hell Week on The Block. But Kirsty and Jesse, who have the biggest house in the cul-de-sac, delivered a full bathroom on top of that. What an achievement!

After seeing the stunning bathroom, the judges agreed: "We're in Heaven Week, this isn't Hell Week."

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