The Block

Nood Co Basins Shine in The Block's Final Bathroom and Redo Room Reveals

The judges of this season's The Block have spoken, declaring Nood Co basins as the true MVPs of the show. Their enthusiasm for these basins is evident as they gush, "We LOVE them!" With a variety of Nood Co basins featured in the room reveals, it's a challenge for them to pick a favourite.


A bathroom with double vanities, both featuring Nood Co's stylish Slip basins in Olive.


From Eliza and Liberty's winning kids' bathroom with Mint Prism basins to Leah and Ash's stunning bathroom featuring Betty basins in powder blue, and Steph and Gian's luxurious kids' bathroom adorned with Olive & Nood Slip basins, these designs exemplify the versatility and beauty that Nood Co basins bring to any space.


Steph & Gian - 'Slip' from the Conscious Range in 'Olive' and 'Nood'


Steph and Gian's room reveal left the judges in awe. Featuring Nood Co's 'Slip' basin from the Conscious range in the muted 'Olive' and 'Nood' colours, their space exuded luxury reminiscent of a high-end day spa. Shaynna Blaze was impressed by the opulent ambiance, while Darren admired the meticulous styling. Neale couldn't hide his admiration and simply declared his love for it.


A close-up view of the Olive Slip basin, showcasing its elegant design in a modern bathroom.


Panoramic view of a spacious bathroom with two Olive Slip basins and a peek into the adjoining kids' bedroom, offering a seamless and stylish connection between spaces.


The Jack and Jill bathroom presented by Steph and Gian seamlessly connected two kids' bedrooms, offering a variety of textures that the judges adored. Darren summed it up as "glorious," and Neale proclaimed it the most luxurious kids' bathroom he had ever seen.


A beautifully designed second bathroom featuring a 'Nood' Slip basin, adding a touch of sophistication to the space.


A close-up view of the elegant 'Nood' Slip basin, the centerpiece of this beautifully designed second bathroom.


Leah & Ash - 'Betty Basin' in 'Powder Blue'


Leah and Ash, known for their bold choices, surprised the judges with their selection of Nood Co's 'Betty Basin' in the soft 'Powder Blue.' Their desire to create something different and fun in their bathroom certainly paid off. The judges appreciated the more muted choices this dynamic duo made this time while still delivering an elegant space with a mix of textures. Shaynna commended the elegance of the room and the well-thought-out blend of elements.


A stylish powder blue Betty basin elegantly mounted on a curved blue vanity, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing bathroom ensemble.


A chic powder blue Betty basin gracing a gracefully curved blue vanity, enhancing the aesthetics of the bathroom with its sophisticated design.


Eliza & Liberty - 'Prism Circle Basin' in 'Mint'


Eliza and Liberty's design prowess shone through as they featured Nood Co's 'Prism Circle Basin' in a refreshing 'Mint' shade. Their "jumbo terrazzo" tiling drew admiration from all corners, and Shaynna was particularly pleased with the room's versatility, which could transition from a kids' bathroom to one suitable for older audiences. Darren applauded their expansion of the colour palette and their choice of brassware, while Shaynna described the space as "joyful."


The Mint Funl basin beautifully contrasts with a white vanity, complementing the vibrant green tiles and terrazzo floor tiles, creating a fresh and contemporary bathroom design.


A close-up view of the striking Mint Funl basin, a focal point in this bathroom with its vibrant green tiles and terrazzo floor tiles, exuding modern sophistication.


The final bathroom and redo room reveals in this season of The Block were a testament to the creativity and innovation of the contestants. Nood Co's concrete basins added a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to these spaces.