The Block

The Block's Week 4 Room Reveals—A Showcase of Nood Co's Artisan Basins

We're thrilled to reveal that Nood Co's basins were right at the centre of the Week 4 room reveals of this season of The Block. From our luxe freestanding Molli to our organic Mill range, our basins added an undeniable touch of elegance and craftsmanship to this week's transformations. Here's a detailed breakdown of how our basins were incorporated into the bathroom designs by Kyle & Leslie, Kristy & Brett, and Eliza & Liberty.



With an eye for sumptuous detail, Kyle & Leslie featured our Molli freestanding basin in Olive, one of the newest shades from our Conscious range. This basin became a focal point in a room that beautifully blended texture.



The room caught the eye with its gloss kit kat tiles which provided a clean backdrop, allowing our Olive basin to shine. Stone look floor tiles added a touch of rugged elegance, while textured walls gave the room an organic feel.



Kristy & Brett's design approach leaned into organic elements and natural tones. Taking centre stage was our Mill basin in the colour 'Nood,' perched gracefully on a timber vanity.



Complementing our basin's artisanal curves was an organic-shaped mirror that enhanced the room's unified aesthetic. Kit Kat wall tiles added a modern touch, while terrazzo floor tiles grounded the design in earthy authenticity.



Last but not least, Eliza & Liberty featured not one, but two of our organic Mill basins in the colour 'Nood.' Perfectly positioned to create a symmetrical haven of calm and luxury.



The basins were offset by large format stone porcelain tiles, adding an expansive feel to the room. A timber vanity offered warm contrast, and gold tapware brought a touch of opulence. Semi-recessed mirror cabinets added both function and flair, encapsulating the harmonious design.



Week 4 of The Block illustrated the transformative power of well-chosen basins in bathroom design. From our Molli freestanding basin's luxurious stand-alone allure to the organic grace of our Mill basins, each room showcased the best in Authentic Australian Craftsmanship.


Curious to learn more? Shop Molli or our Mill for yourself, or see them up close at one of our stockists. Make your bathroom the sanctuary it deserves to be.