The Block

A chat with Shelley Craft

We were lucky enough to chat with Shelley Craft about all things Nood and colour. Enjoy!

Nood spends most of its days in the bathroom, so lets start there. Describe, to us, your dream bathroom?

You know, I think bathrooms are even more personal in design taste than kitchens. Some love the crisp bright modern look, or spaces slashed with colour and I love to create these spaces but in my own ideal dream world - it would be all about naturals! Natural colours, natural fibres, natural light and natural ventilation with an amazing view out over the ocean… so I would actually stay in the bath longer than just the time it takes to fill. 

The Block Promo looks nuts. What can we expect different with this season? 

Every season throws so many unexpected twists and turns at us and yes, this year looks very dramatic from the promos. What we do have is 5 very competitive teams that are going to give it everything they’ve got to create five fabulous homes and some damn good tele along the way. The difference this season is that each home is so unique from the outset. In the past series, they have all been quite similar in look and size. So come the end of the renovation process, I hope we have 5 incredibly different family homes to take to auction. 

Nood have featured in the last few seasons of the block, and again this year. How has the product been received ?

We all love (being) NOOD!! I adore concrete and Nood has taken this medium to a whole new level.

Colour is slowly creeping from the lounge room into the bathroom. What role do you feel colour plays in the home?

We have the right climate to really embrace colour in our interiors - more than just the good old feature wall - of course it takes a brave soul to bring colour into the hard surfaces in a bathroom, as it can date and is expensive to change, so if you are tempted to give it a go in your next reno, flex your creative muscle a little with brightening the towels and basins… maybe next time you might be ready for some loud and proud tiling?

Which is your favourite Nood piece? 

How cute is the Herbert?? This is a real ode to the past and I love it. Great for a little outhouse or period home, just make sure you have face level storage for your bits and pieces (and Shaynna).



Which is your favourite Nood colour?

Custard and mint… just working a way I can use them together.

The Nood basins are now 100% chemical and portland cement free. As industry leaders, have you noticed a shift in the importance of sustainable products, Aussie made products?

100% I know that homeowners are asking more questions and manufacturers are trying to be more environmentally conscious and sustainable. Let’s be the world leaders in sustainable building practice.

Ok, enough Noodity. Outside of the Block world, what do you do for giggles?

Is there another world out there?? Really?? Hadn’t noticed for 12 years 
I have a really cool family if I do say so myself. My daughters are the greatest of company and my husband… well, he was worth marrying, so we hang out a LOT together. Hanging in Byron, surfing (watching), spending time at the beach, dogs, mates, Renos, building… kind of like the block but no cameras. 

Any final thoughts / quotes / wisdom for your followers that aspire to colourful design? 

GO FOR IT! Live a little and have some fun! If you can’t be a little crazy in your own sanctuary - where can you be? Go on… GET NOOD!