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Concrete Basins and Coastal Vibes: A Mandurah Foreshore Dream Home

White, bright, and unmistakably beachy—these are the descriptors that encapsulate the stunning Mandurah Foreshore home that has recently graced the pages of Adore Home Magazine Spring 2023 Makeover Edition. Today, we delve deeper into the architectural and design nuances that make this home a coastal sanctuary.


Primary ensuite showcasing Nood Co Pill basins in Ivory, complemented by Taj Mahal natural stone benchtop.

The Concept


Designed to embrace its exquisite Mandurah Foreshore location, the home is a collaborative masterpiece involving architect Will Thomson, draftsperson at Blend Designs, interior designer Jess O’Shea, and the homeowners. It melds mid-century design elements with coastal aesthetics to deliver a space that is both functional and beautiful.


Stylish coastal-mid-century kitchen featuring natural stone Taj Mahal island in Mandurah residence.

The Layout


This two-story dwelling cleverly splits into two main buildings, connected by an entry passage. Featuring 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a gym, a guest living room, and an open-plan kitchen, dining, and living area, the home employs an "upside-down" living approach to maximise views of the foreshore.


 Mandurah Foreshore kitchen offering a harmonious mix of natural stone surfaces, light wood, and white accents.


Natural stone Taj Mahal island as the centerpiece of an open-plan kitchen in coastal-mid-century styled home.


Construction Details


What makes this home particularly noteworthy is the engineering feat it required. Built on a suspended slab, the home employs light frame construction for both levels and an exterior cladded extensively with weatherboards. Achieving this necessitated a considerable amount of steel bracing and engineering prowess.


Well-lit, spacious kitchen with state-of-the-art features and natural stone accents in Mandurah Foreshore home.


Spacious Mandurah Foreshore living room, exuding airiness with its timber accents and abundant natural light.


Stunning living room in Mandurah home, where timber accents meet bright, open spaces.


Interior Design: A Coastal Mid-Century Fusion

Main Bathroom

The main bathroom sets the aesthetic tone with a Nood Co Funl Basin in Pastel Peach, elegantly offset by terrazzo, grey square mosaic tiles, fluted glass, gunmetal tapware, and timber accents on the vanity.


Main bathroom in Mandurah Foreshore home featuring a stylish Nood Co Funl Basin in Pastel Peach.


Luxurious bath area highlighted by terrazzo flooring and fluted glass partitions, creating a serene oasis in the Mandurah Foreshore home.


Primary Ensuite

Continuing the theme, the primary ensuite boasts his-and-hers Nood Co Pill basins in Ivory. The tiles and vanity design are consistent with the main bathroom, but the benchtop takes it up a notch with natural stone Taj Mahal—a material also featured in the kitchen island.


Primary ensuite in Mandurah Foreshore home featuring twin Nood Co Pill basins in Ivory and natural stone Taj Mahal benchtop.


His-and-hers Ivory Nood Co Pill basins set against a backdrop of terrazzo tiles in the luxurious primary ensuite.


Sophisticated primary bathroom with double Nood Co Pill basins in Ivory, terrazzo tiles, and natural stone Taj Mahal benchtop.


Powder Room

The powder room offers a unique twist, featuring a Nood Co Shelf 01 basin in Mid Tone Grey. The same terrazzo tiles are present, but this time they are paired with matte white kit kat mosaics to elongate the space. Timber details are brought in through the plinth on which the basin sits and the frame of the mirror.


Chic powder room with Nood Co Shelf 01 basin in Mid Tone Grey and matte white kit kat mosaic tiles.


Powder room featuring a Shelf 01 Nood Co basin in Mid Tone Grey, set on a timber plinth and framed by a timber mirror.


The Details That Make The Difference


Jess O’Shea elaborates on the care taken during the renovation, telling Adore Home Magazine, "The end result gave the room a more spacious feel and better flow." The use of a louvred window running behind and below the benchtop not only adds aesthetic value but also allows for a flood of natural light and breezes.


Well-lit, spacious kitchen with state-of-the-art features and natural stone accents in Mandurah Foreshore home. 


In a market where homes often draw from a single design philosophy, this Mandurah Foreshore home is a refreshing deviation that proves collaborative creativity can yield spectacular results. It stands as a testament to the skill and vision of all those involved, from the architect and draftsperson to the interior designer and client.




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Photography by Peter Ellery Photography