Project Features

Nood Co x The Shed Luxe

Andy and Deb from The Block 2019 opened The Shed Luxe - a boutique store that offers a carefully curated collection fo home, body and soul. Featured in the wellness area is our pill basin in sand.



We love this space and so does Instagram. Can you tell us about the mood you were trying to achieve with this space?

 Oh we love it too and so do all of our visitors to the store. The feedback has been amazing. Although our space is a retail space I wanted to make it feel less like a commercial space and more like a warm and welcoming home. Using the same design principals and elements that we would use in a home renovation we easily achieved the look and importantly the feeling we set out for. We turned to our favourite companies who we knew we could count on to help us achieve our brief, including Nood Co of course! 


Tell us about the colours, patterns and material choice for this space and how they work together?

We wanted to inject a light hearted energy & a relaxed feel into the space while making it feel welcoming. The colours we used are warm neutrals and white. We sell so many different products so a neutral palette makes it easy to introduce all the different stock items which are many different colours and keep it all looking cohesive.  We also wanted to open the room up while  softening it so we added large arches into the walls. 

We used woven natural linen curtains in our fitting rooms, warm honey brown timber floors and brushed brass accents throughout the store. 



Tell us about your Nood selection? Why did you select that design and colour?

 The Pill Basin in Sand was one of the first things on my mood board whilst in the design process. It was the perfect launch piece for the overall vibe of the store.

We had limited space where the basin was being fitted too as we were working with existing cabinetry. The basin was the perfect size. 

It’s located in the new wellness area of the store. An area where people can try all of our beautiful hand washes, scrubs, lotions and potions while in store. 

The texture and Sandy colour of the Pill basin was perfect for achieving the soft raw textural look we wanted but the basin is robust enough for all of the hand washing that will happen in it! It gets used a lot and still looks like brand new!



Product Suppliers:

Tap/Wall Hooks: Abi Interiors
Custom Cabinet Doors from How's That House
Fans & Lighting from Beacon Lighting